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self-love !

Hi, I´m Antonella! So nice that you are here!

As a happiness mentor, artist and mom I would love to support you

by using music, art and energy work

to jump into lots of self-love and related ease and joy of life.

Create a deeply fulfilled and happy life!

Next online event: Art & Music Workshop, 25th & 26th of May 2024

Artfully open your heart to what is important

Do you want change in your life because you know that it can't be everything? Then allow yourself to perceive your own inner sparks again.


With Antonella you can try out new approaches protected and with ease and get inspiration to take the next step for yourself. Through artistic creation you open your heart in a playful way and find access to yourself. In this way you develop your potential and experience more sunshine even in difficult phases.

Gain strength

for your own path

You already have everything within you - dare to freely develop your potential.

Give peace of mind

to the soul

Give yourself space and time so that the moments of happiness can find you.

Embrace your own creativity

Trust the flow and allow yourself to be surprised and inspired.


More lightness & enjoyment of life

Every person has the right and the ability to live with sunshine in their hearts. But negative beliefs, self-doubt and external pressure can disrupt the balance in everyday life.


From my experience, the most important thing is to reconnect with yourself and allow yourself to go your own way. I am Antonella and as a happiness mentor and light giver I would like to support you in developing intuition trust and being able to shine again.

Look forward to strong support at your side and valuable impulses for a good tomorrow.

Let's look together at where you are right now and what you really need. In my coaching, workshops and retreats for women and men with and without families and their animals, I have made it my mission to give you individual, artistic access to your wishes and potential.

Without pressure, with empathetic support and a lot of sensitivity, we recognize what your soul needs. To do this, we use meditation, yoga, reflections and different forms of music, art and energy work - depending on your mood. Because the answers are already hidden within you and come to light naturally as a solution through your intuitively painted works of art. For more joy and lightness in being.

Powerful. Artistic. Light.


That's what you get with Antonella


For a deeply fulfilled

and happy life -

the creative path to yourself. Relaxation, artistic time out and reflection.

Happy kids coaching

For happy relationships

and strengthened personalities. Mindful and creative coaching helps children and parents overcome stumbling blocks in their interactions.


Music, art and energy workshops with lucky confetti – for more connection with yourself. Loving inspiration to recognize hidden heart desires.


Get out of everyday life: consciously realign your happiness. Retreats with

lots of moments

of happiness

 - for families and individuals. 

Thanks to Antonella's relaxed and easygoing manner, it was easy for me to let go after a short time and surrender to the colors and my imagination. It's amazing what all this revealed.

Barbara, heart coaching


“Let your inner rainbow dance and you will feel
lighter and happier.”

Happiness mentor Antonella

Would you like to know more about me?


Antonella – your happiness mentor

Nice that you found me. My name is Antonella and I am a happiness mentor, artist and passionate mom. I would like to accompany you on your soul path so that you can better accept your life in all its facets and live in all its colors.


In doing so, I draw on all the combined knowledge and experiences that I have had in numerous areas of art and healing: among other things as happiness mentor (for over 40 years), spiritual life coach, coach for highly sensitive people, child, youth, parents and family coach, art & music teacher, visualization coach, aura healer, yoga, breathing and meditation teacher (Kundalini & Yin Yoga), as well as feng shui, geomancy and astrology consultant.

However, the most important resource for flow, lightness and joy of life is your very own spiritual power. Pave the way for it and you will feel gratitude and abundance even in challenging times.

Would you like to embark on this wonderful, creative soul journey with me?

Does that sound inspiring
to you?

Then contact me now and take the first step towards more ease in your being.

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