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Happy kids coaching

As a family, we usually want to stay together forever. But people evolve and change their goals in life. When marriages and partnerships grow apart, something needs to be done – for you, for your children and for your happy future.

You don't have to overcome phases of change and separation alone: with mindful and creative coaching, I accompany children and parents through every challenge - for happy relationships and strengthened personalities.

Children are acutely aware of their parents' feelings and need special attention and support when mom and dad change. As a happiness mentor, family coach and children's yoga teacher, I can empathize particularly well with children's souls.

But as parents, we also have to deal with many worries, fears and inhibitions in relationships, family changes or separations. If you are wondering how you can make the situation better and more healing for all of you, I am there for you with sensitivity and support.


Happy kids coaching

Child-friendly support for children aged 4 to 12 during periods of change and separation.

In happy kids coaching, I open up a protected space for your child during this challenging time: with the help of relaxation, imagination and creative design, we enter into a playful dialogue.

We focus on our own strengths and find answers to important questions about the child's soul. Your child experiences valuable impulses for their inner growth, new self-confidence and learns that they are ALWAYS loved, unique and valuable - no matter what was, what is and what will come.

  • Allow the flow: imaginative, age-appropriate initial relaxation.

  • Creative heart session: Design of your choice – drawing, painting, crafting or clay.

  • Arrive at yourself: reflecting together on the work of art.

  • Go into the morning with strength: A little relaxation and heart exercise at the end for your lucky child.

You can book on the homepage or write me an email to

Happy parents coaching

For lucky moms & lucky dads in phases of change and separation and single parents.

When parents can no longer get along, it means, in addition to the external changes, many questions, fears and worries - often a rollercoaster of emotions. But every new beginning ALWAYS offers more opportunities and possibilities than can be seen at first glance.

In happy parent coaching, I approach you individually as a mom or dad and accompany you through the process in an understanding, compassionate and safe manner. With the help of relaxation, mindfulness and creativity, we release inner thought patterns and blockages. This is how we create new space for clear thoughts, healing energy and lots of power for you, your children and your happy future.


Do you want to safely guide yourself through phases of change and separation?

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